CryptoClub Online Leader Training

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The training consists of 9 modules that prepare educators to use the CryptoClub curriculum to teach cryptography and mathematics. The modules follow the pages of the CryptoClub Cipher Handbook and the features of the related website, A certificate is awarded upon completion of each module.

The modules include over 80 short video tutorials, along with classroom videos of students and teachers engaged in CryptoClub activities and samples of student work.

The videos are followed by Reflection and Discussion question(s). After viewing a video and responding to a question, the trainee can view and comment on responses of others. Thus, the training is designed to promote conversation among those taking it, to mimic what would occur in a face-to-face workshop.

You may preview the modules by clicking on the links below.

To Register: You will need the Cryptoclub Student Cipher Handbook and Cryptoclub Leader Manual to complete this training. You can purchase these books from the publisher, Kendall Hunt. You will be able to access the training modules through the publisher’s website after purchase.

  • Welcome CryptoClub Online Leader Training

  • Module 1 Caesar Ciphers

  • Module 2 Additive Ciphers

  • Module 3 Keyword and Other Substitution Ciphers

  • Module 4 Multiplicative Ciphers

  • Module 5 Vigenère Ciphers

  • Module 6 Affine Ciphers